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The new movement took root in the summer of 2010 at the Nacarubi Festival in Big Sur, CaliforniaEyezon hit the stage, joining Nico Georis on keys and Shaun Alley on drums, during Sky Country's set. After a late night campfire and jam session with the new friends, Eyezon approached Georis with a new genre of music he thought they had on their hands, "Afri-Cali." Little did they know, after that conversation a musical phenomenon and culture would progress into something unforgettable.


The most interesting thing about AfriCali is that it lends importance to all the instrumentation as much as it does to the vocals, while the melodies of each instrument and voice develops in episodes, as opposed to the familiar verse-chorus format. What is astounding about this piece is its absolute ground-breaking and utterly contemporary fusion of innumerable elements. About as experimental and open-hearted as music gets, the endless interweaving of various keyboard and guitar sounds courtesy of Nico Georis, the heavenly voice of MC Eyezon and the evolving percussion, equals a masterpiece in any terms.

The AfriCali eXperience